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Charls World

Subterrania Rehearsal

Here’s a new fun show me and the boys are shooting. This is raw no-scripted rehearsal practice which shall be different than the final product. The script is done now however and we’ve been joyously shooting. You shall all know more soon.

Trapped In The Thelema Embassy

Air date: 01/18/2020

New year no fear. This is a very special piece of hardcore gaming. A brutal combination of wits, focus, and will truly give the game a brand new feel. Much love and please enjoy.

Shot and edited by Addison Willis

The Dark Tower and Other Stories

Merry Christmas! Here’s an easy going funtime for you shot and edited by Addison Willis at his finest. We were both at our finest here. This is blessed fruit from The Sewanee Drop AKA The Trail of Tears since they renamed Sewanee to The Trail of Tears. It’s now the official name of the town which is pretty cool in my opinion. Special thanks to Bill Gates here for giving me the green light for sharing some of our private conversations with the world.

The Wastelaid Land

The Etheric Double

True to form edited by classicist Addison Willis

A morality tale set on the site of intense construction and creation and rebuilt.

Come and know me better.

Imago Dei

Edited by Addison Willis

Penultimate Interpretation. Wisdom of Ages Hence. That which is between the lines is that which is for us. Spirituality is the only armor against evil.

In the Mouth of Madness

Edited by: Addison Willis

Happy Year of the Golden Pig.

New Moon.

Blood Meridian

Edited by Addison Willis

Had sex with by The Devil

Nuded by The Nun


Elder 1

Edited by Addison Willis.

Here is a look inside a little bit of my world.

Erick’s Trailer

Edited by Erick Hayden.

Here’s some mirth Erick CEO cooked up after we shot a little something fun together recently. It was just like old times. This is very very fun and rough. Expect the final product to be fun and rough as well.

Thanksgiving with Narek

Edited by Addison Willis.

Who remembers my good times with Narek? Fresh on Thanksgiving Day, a great start to the rest of my life.

Two Mad

Edited by David Coppola.

My first foray into Total Improv. Those college days are the beginning of my fun quest to bring mirth and purity to this evil world.

No premise, no rules, no nothing, only turn on the camera for total improv.

Good Times

The Strap


Toothbrushing Well

The Shower

The Ride

Honey Drink

Lord of the Dance

A Good Time

Song: Visigoth bv Mason Newell Comtois

Vogue Shoot

Having Chair

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