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Here’s a new fun show me and the boys are shooting. This is raw no-scripted rehearsal practice which shall be different than the final product. The script is done now however and we’ve been joyously shooting. You shall all know more soon.

Trapped In The Thelema Embassy

Air date: 01/18/2020

New year no fear. This is a very special piece of hardcore gaming. A brutal combination of wits, focus, and will truly give the game a brand new feel. Much love and please enjoy.

Shot and edited by Addison Willis

The Dark Tower and Other Stories

Merry Christmas! Here’s an easy going funtime for you shot and edited by Addison Willis at his finest. We were both at our finest here. This is blessed fruit from The Sewanee Drop AKA The Trail of Tears since they renamed Sewanee to The Trail of Tears. It’s now the official name of the town which is pretty cool in my opinion. Special thanks to Bill Gates here for giving me the green light for sharing some of our private conversations with the world.

The Wastelaid Land

Air date: 10/25/2019

The Etheric Double

True to form edited by classicist Addison Willis

A morality tale set on the site of intense construction and creation and rebuilt.

Come and know me better.

Imago Dei

Edited by Addison Willis

Penultimate Interpretation. Wisdom of Ages Hence. That which is between the lines is that which is for us. Spirituality is the only armor against evil.

In the Mouth of Madness

Edited by: Addison Willis

Happy Year of the Golden Pig.

New Moon.

Blood Meridian

Edited by Addison Willis

Had sex with by The Devil

Nuded by The Nun


Elder 1

Edited by Addison Willis.

Here is a look inside a little bit of my world.

Erick’s Trailer

Edited by Erick Hayden.

Here’s some mirth Erick CEO cooked up after we shot a little something fun together recently. It was just like old times. This is very very fun and rough. Expect the final product to be fun and rough as well.

Thanksgiving with Narek

Edited by Addison Willis.

Who remembers my good times with Narek? Fresh on Thanksgiving Day, a great start to the rest of my life.

Two Mad

Edited by David Coppola.

My first foray into Total Improv. Those college days are the beginning of my fun quest to bring mirth and purity to this evil world.

No premise, no rules, no nothing, only turn on the camera for total improv.

Good Times

The Shower

The Ride

Honey Drink

Lord of the Dance

A Good Time

Song: Visigoth bv Mason Newell Comtois

Vogue Shoot

Having Chair

Twitch Streams

Dragon Warrior XIS

Air date: 09/27/2019

Gears 5 and Quake Live

Air date: 09/24/2019

Horse Feathers Good Times

Air date: 09/22/2019

Key Largo

Air date: 09/19/2019

Harvest Moon Music Celebration

Air date: 09/13/2019


Insane Sandstorm Times

Air date: 09/12/2019

The Phantom Carriage

Air date: 09/07/2019

Sweet Chat and More Internet Videos Laughter

Air date: 08/31/2019

Good Chat and Internet Video and Trailer Times

Air date: 08/24/2019

Long Chats Internet Videos Star Trek Benny Lava

Air date: 08/17/2019

Sandstorm Group Murder Times

Air date: 08/10/2019

Broken Metro Times 2

Air date: 07/28/2019

Shall We Dance

Air date: 07/27/2019

Wild Post LA Return Group Gaming Sandstorm

Air date: 07/18/2019

Quake 2 RTX and Metro Exodus 1

Air date: 06/06/19

Classic Diablo 2 Times

Air date: 06/03/19

The Snows of kilimanjaro

Air date: 05/12/2019

Make Way for Tomorrow heavy heavy and end of Day of the Tentacle

Air date: 05/10/2019

Great Opener and Pygmalion best movie

Air date: 05/08/2019

Moby Dick and Day of the Tentacle

Air date: 05/05/2019

Toneboat Wildlands and Blood and Sand

Air date: 05/04/2019

Captain America

Air date: 05/03/2019

Adam’s Rib and Day of the Tentacle

Air date: 05/02/2019

The Ghost and Mrs Muir

Air date: 04/28/2019

Captain’s Couragous Good Sermon and Day of the Tentacle and E3 Funding met

Air date: 04/27/2019

2019-04-26 Dune Music Tortilla Flats and Day of the Tentacle ADVENTURE

Air date: 04/26/2019

PowerDave Diablo 2 special and Laurel and Hardy chat chat

Air date: 04/25/2019

Satanic Persona Bang long chats

Air date: 04/24/2019

Funass Chat and Shadow of the Torturer Chapter 1

Air date 04/18/2019

Diablo 2 with Powerdave

Air date: 04/17/2019

Our Town 2nd viewing Big Raids Big Times

Air date: 04/16/2019

10 hour bigshow Notre Dame chat and Persona 5

Air date: 04/15/2019

The Grand Illusion

Air date: 03/11/2019

Spiritual Wild and Samauri Mushashi Miyamoto

Air date: 03/09/2019

I’m Back Survived Spiritual Masterclass. All About Eve

Air date: 03/07/2019

Drunken Angel

Air date: 02/12/2019

The Quiet Duel

Air date: 2/10/2019

Pure Talk 003 Andy Ruse and Erick Hayden

Air date: 02/15/2019

Pure Talk 002 with Dr. Hart and Erick and Nick Hayden

Air date: 02/01/2019

Pure Talk 001 Erick and Nick Hayden

Air date: 01/24/2019

Blood Wolf Moon chat Fists of Fury Bruce Lee

Air date: 01/21/2018


Beginning a Golden Pig Year

Quantum Break 2 and Resident Evil 2 Remaster

Air date: 01/19/2019

Quantum Break

Air date: 01/09/2019

Kaiden Ghost Stories SO GOOD

Air date: 01/09/2019

Betro 2033 and Insurgance Sandstorm Aceplay

Air date: 01/07/2019

Return of the Dragon BRUCE LEE

Air date: 01/04/2019

Holiday Inn, The Snowman, lots of crazy stuff

Air date: 12/24/2018

Mission of Christmas Eve Bioshock

Air date: 12/24/2018

Scrooge Christmas Carol Special (with Bioshock)

Air date: 12/23/2018

Bringing up Baby and Bioshock

Air date: 12/22/2018

Throne of Blood and Bioshock

Air date: 12/21/2018


Air date: 12/19/2018

Bioshock 2

Air date: 12/19/2018

Bioshock 1

Air date: 12/19/2018

Sansho the Bailiff and Bioshock

Air date: 12/20/2018


Air date: 12/18/2018

Fist of Fury BRUCE LEE and more wild ass shit

Air date: 12/17/2018

Solaris and WILD visual times

Air date: 12/16/2018

My Dear Secretary and Gulliver’s Travels

Air date: 12/15/2018

Charls’s Theater Inferno directed by Asia Argento’s Dad

Air date: 12/14/2018

12 Angry Men and technical difficulties

Air date: 12/13/2018

It’s a Wonderful Life Revisited

Air date: 12/11/2018

Overdrawn at the Memory Bank and Skyrim Combo

Air date: 12/12/2018

The Strange Love of Molly Louvain and Charlie Chan at the Wax

Air date: 12/04/2018

A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Charlie Chan and the Chinese Cat

Air date: 11/27/2018

Dick Tracy’s Dilemma and One Eyed Jacks

Air date: 11/26/2018

Seven Samurai 2

Air date: 11/25/2018

Seven Samurai 1

Air date: 11/25/2018

Quadruple Supper The Invisible Man Sweeney Todd Think Fast Mr. Moto Charlie Chan at the Olympics

Air date: 11/24/2018

Working Notebooks and Mr. Moto in Danger Island

Air date: 11/23/2018

Mr. Moto in Treasure Island and nice chat

Air date: 11/21/2018

TRIPLE Charlie Chan in Honolulu, Mr. Moto Takes a Vacation, and Mr. Moto in Black Magic

Air date: 11/20/2018

TRIPLE Charlie Chan Murder Cruise, Mysterious Mr. Moto, and Mr. Wong

Air date: 11/19/2018

Thank You Mr. Moto

Air date: 11/11/2018

Chas. Chan Murder Over New York and Sherlock Homie Faces Death

Air date: 11/09/2018

Charlie Chan and The Black Camel

Air date: 11/08/2018

Sherlock Homes and The Scalet Claw

Air date: 11/07/2018

Red Dead 2 3 and Sherlock Holmes House of Fear

Air date: 11/02/2018

Red Dead 2 3 and Sherlock Holmes House of Fear intro

Air date: 11/02/2018

Red Dead 2 and SOTN before tech difficulties The Bat

Air date: 10/29/2018

Nosferatu and Castlevania SOTN

Air date: 10/28/2018

Red Dead Redemption 2 1

Air date: 10/26/2018

Night of the Living Dead, King of the Zombies

Air date: 10/18/2018

Frankenstein, Night of Terror, Phantom of the Opera Suppa Trip

Air date: 10/15/2018

TRIPLE SUPPA Haxen, Last Man on Earth, Cat People

Air date: 10/14/2018

VR Pavlov

Air date: 10/02/2018

The Men Who Stepped on a Tiger’s Tail AND Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde (silent)

Air date: 10/01/2018

Saguta Sanshiro and The Man Who Knew Too Much

Air date: 09/29/2018

The Lower Depths (Kurosawa)

Air date: 09/28/2018

Alexandre Nevski

Air date: 09/25/2018

Spiritual Action and The Life and Death of Colonial Blimp

Air date: 09/20/2018

Stray Dog

Air date: 09/19/2018

The Youth of Peter the Great CCCP Soviet Cinema Special

Air date: 09/18/2018

The Private Life of Henry VIII

Air date: 09/17/2018

Philadelphia Story

Air date: 09/13/2018

Rashomon Kurosawa Special

Air date: 09/10/2018

Scarface and The Roaring Twenties

Air date: 09/05/2018

DUBBSUPP Public Enemy and The Gay Divorcee

Air date: 08/29/2018

Crime and Punishment PUBD

Air date: 08/28/2018

The Long Voyage Home

Air date: 08/24/2018

DOUBLE Reefer Madness AND The Mad Genius

Air date: 08/20/2018

Knight Without Armour

Air date: 08/14/2018


Air date: 08/09/2018

The Count of Monte Cristo

Air date: 08/08/2018

House on Haunted Hill

Air date: 08/05/2018

Pure August Talk

Air date: 08/05/2018

DOUBLE Detour and St. Martin’s Lane

Air date: 07/27/2018

Loom And Nothing Sacred

Air date: 07/23/2018

Quickchat after All Quiet

Air date: 07/20/2018

Nothing New on the Western Front (All Quiet)

Air date: 07/20/2018

Goodbye Mister Chips

Air date: 07/18/2018

Double Suppa The Most Dangerous Game And Golden Boy

Air date: 07/19/2018

The Man with the Golden Arm

Air date: 07/18/2018

Double Supper Wooden Crosses And Algiers

Air date: 07/17/2018

DOUBLE SUPPA THEATRE Our Town (Thornton Wilder) and Ah Wilderness! (Eugene O’Neill) JULY

Air date: 07/15/2018

Westfront 1919

Air date: 07/13/2018

Westfront 1918

Air date: 07/13/2018

A Farewell to Arms

Air date: 07/12/2018

O’Henry’s Full House JULY FIRE

Air date: 07/03/2018

The Iceman Cometh To Maine 2

Air date: 06/23/2018

The Iceman Cometh To Maine 1

Air date: 06/23/2018

Long Day’s Journey into Night

Air date: 06/15/2018

Detroid Completion And Chatty

Air date: 06/03/2018

Charlie’s Detoir 4

Air date: 06/01/2018

Charls’s Detroit 3 JUNE JYNE

Air date: 06/01/2018

Charls’s Detroid 2

Air date: 05/27/2018

Show and Tell and DETOID Deprogramming

Air date: 05/26/2018

Twentieth Century PUBD and Fireside Smoke

Air date: 05/10/2018

Stupid Far Cry 5 Times

Air date: 05/06/2018

And Then There Were None PUBD MAY DAY

Air date: 05/01/2018

Excellence and Far Cry 5 and Toneboat

Air date: 04/29/2018

Shadow Of A Doubt Pubd

Air date: 04/24/2018

Detroid Demo Fantastm

Air date: 04/24/2018

Very Good Fornite Toneboat Companion Match Very Good

Air date: 04/21/2018

Captain Kidd PUBD and Far Cry 5 Wood Roam

Air date: 04/20/2018

Wild Ass Far Cry 5 Times

Air date: 04/20/2018

Of Human Bondage and Far Cry 5 SP

Air date: 04/19/2018

The Razor’s Edge! Long Chats by the Fire

Air date: 04/15/2018

California Pizza Kitchen Charls at Narek’s Place

Air date: 04/chanstony/2018

Temple of the Ninth Configuration Guest and After The Thin Man

Air date: 04/14/2018

Great Expectations by Chas. Dickens PUBD Charm of Making Known Here

Air date: 04/08/2018

LA Noir VR and Oliver Twist PUBD!

Air date: 04/09/2018

Marx Bros Animal Crackers and Massive Fireside APRIL ASSASSINATIONS

Air date: 04/07/2018

Marx Bros The Cocoanauts and Forty Groupplay

Air date: 03/21/2018

Talky Intro to Marx Brosssss

Air date: 03/21/2018

Going My Way (With Forty Finnish)

Air date: 03/18/2018

Wonder Bar Pubd (Forty Too Footy) HQ

Air date: 03/17/2018

The Thin Man (Fortnite too)

Air date: 03/16/2018

Forty SP Just Me

Air date: 03/16/2018

The Council Advanced Puzzle Solving Mode On

Air date: 03/13/2018

Double Fortnite Toneboat Companion

Air date: 03/11/2018

Massive Pure Group Fortnite Fun Snipars SPECIAL

Airdate: 03/08/2018

Satanic Fortnight Practice

Air date: 03/07/2018

Late Shift Fmv Modern Classic

Air date: 03/07/2018


Air date: 03/06/2018

The Telltale Batman Adventure of Crimecause

Air date: 03/04/2018


Air date: 03/02/2018

Heavy Rain, Fortnite, End of Until Dawn!!!

Air date: 02/28/2018

The Deadly Companions PUBD

Air date: 02/27/2018

Beyond Two Souls continued Ellen’s Body

Air date: 02/25/2018

39 Steps Mr. McCrocodile’s Tribulation ALFRED HITCHCOC

Air date: 02/22/2018

Beyond Two Souls AND Svengali Trilbyfest 10 HOUR BANG

Air date: 02/19/2018

Svengali Almost Happened

Air date: 02/18/2018

Beyond Two Soulsies Washroom Training

Air date: 02/18/2018

Heaviest Rain

Air date: 02/17/2018

Heavier Rain and Is My Face Red special

Air date: 02/15/2018

Heavy Rain 1

Air date: 02/11/2018

Drums Drums Drums testsample And Road To Morocco BOB HOPE

Air date: 02/09/2018

My Favorite Brunette

Air date: 02/07/2018

Bill Of Divorcement

Air date: 02/06/2018

The Maltese Falcon

Air date: 02/05/2018

VR Test on the Enterprise And The Grand Hotel PUBD

Air date: 02/01/2018

Purity Mixed With Anime

Air date: 01/31/2018

Night Flight Incredible Cast

Air date: 01/27/2018

Mario Pantangolie Odyssey

Air date: 01/29/2018

The Strange Love Of Martha Ivers

Air date: 01/29/2018

Doki Doki Girlfriend Club

Air date: 01/28/2018

Doki Doki King Session

Air date: 01/28/2018

It Happened One Night

Air date: 01/22/2018

She Done Him Right (She Done Him Wrong) Low Key Viewing

Air date: 01/15/2018

The Stranger

Air date: 01/14/2018

My Man Godfrey

Air date: 01/13/2018

311 Riot Special Part2

Air date: 01/12/2018

Riot Special Part 1

Air date: 01/12/2018

His Guy Friday PUBD Special of JANUARY

Air date: 01/06/2018

It’s A Wonderful Life

Air date: 12/31/2017

Fireside Golf Story Technical Difficulties

Air date: 12/28/2017

Christmas Eve Snowman Fireside

Air date: 12/24/2017

First Public Domain Foray into Christmas

Air date: 12/23/2017

Burning Chat and Quaketimes

Air date: 12/19/2017

Holy Fireside 5 Hour

Air date: 12/15/2017

CEO of BMW Live

Air date: 11/10/2017

Lil PUBGlooty and Banging Fire

Air date: 11/04/2017

Fireside Chatting Longplay before Quake NOVEMBER FUN

Air date: 11/03/2017

Quaketime Yugio Edition

Air date: 10/30/2017

Pure Orville Coverage

Air date: 10/28/2017

Daisy Ridley Button Special Cuphead Chronicles

Air date: 10/08/2017

7 Hour Fireside and Teacup Combo

Air date: 10/14/2017

Teacup Intruders Home Invasion Cuphead OCTOBER 2017

Air date: 10/07/17

Canadian Fortnite Special Black Time Cube Satan 09/26/2017

Air date: 09/26/2017

Big Chat and Quake Chomp

Air date: 09/20/2017

Sensioras Disaster (Expert gaming mode)

Air date: 09/18/2017

Loot Battlegrounds of Public

Air date: 09/17/2017

Merc Hat Part 2

Air date: 09/13/17

Merc Hat Fireside

Air date: 9/13/17

Good Hat Quake and Talk

Air date: 09/01/17

60Frame Quakepump and Chat

Air date: 08/31/17

Destiny 4 Viewer Special

Air date: 08/30/17

This was a quiet evening of Destiny, talk, and a little bit of the ole Quake Live. Twitch got smashed by something and we had a skeleton crew aboard chatting.

Drake’s Girlfriend’s Treasure

Air date: 08/28/17

Remember this spinner when we went on a treasure quest with Nails Nathan’s ex?

Loot School Collapse Training

Air date: 08/23/17

More end of society training for the rubes.

CSGO Tutorial and Chat

Air date: 08/22/17

Finally hit up some more Counter Strike GO for shaking off the rust. No matter what game goes down, there’s always a brisk chat before and afterwards.

Book Reading Fireside Chat with Bridge Inspection

Air date: 08/21/17

What an incredible occasion of reading some very wild short stories.

An Incredible Talk

Air date: 08/17/17

Pure Talkshow

Air date: 08/15/17

Good Quake Ripper

Air date: 08/11/17

Big Talk and GUIDED MEDITATION and Quake

Air date: 08/10/17

Lil Talk

Quakechampio Coverage + Quake Live Action

Air date: 08/06/17

DOTA Coverage and Dog School

Air date: 08/05/17

Masters of the Kings of Quake

Air date: 08/01/17

Game Coverage + Doom Time

Air date: 07/30/17

Anime Expo

Air date: 07/28/17

Psychonauts Crazy Time of Madness

Air date: 07/27/17

Group Dog School Part 2

Air date: 07/24/2017

Group Dog School Part 1

Air date: 07/24/2017

Game: Dog Loot Deluxe

Until Sweet (Dawn) Part 2

Air date: 07/21/17

Until Sweet (Dawn) Part 1

Air date: 07/21/17

Twin Peaks + Game of Thrones for the visuallyauditorilymentally impaired TONIGHT 07_18_17

Air date: 07/18/17
TV Shows! Timecode Follow Along

The enjoyment of Until Dawn HELP ME HELP ME HELP ME

Air date: 07/13/17
Game: Until Dawn


Air date: 07/11/17
Game: Until Dawn

This was a banger alltime.


Air date: 07/09/17
Pure ESL Counterstrike coverage


Air date: 07/07/17
Game: College / University / Real Life

Remember the deep methods in these discussions?

WITCHER 3 PUREstyle on this one gonna be high res and rich

Air date: 07/05/17
Game: The Witcher 3

I remember there being no delay in this session.


Air date: 07/01/17
Game: Quakelive


Air date: 07/02/17

Ultimate QuakeLive Experience. Such beginning times!


Air date: 07/02/17

It’s been so long. Good classical lessons when people were first starting to realize that I actually have the best aim in the game.

Incredible Going Home Spectacular

Air date: 07/02/17

Game: Going Home (I think)

Goodly PureTalk Action

Air date: 06/28/17

New Vegas Goodly PureTalk Action

Air date: 06/28/17

Game: Fallout New Vega Object


Air date: 06/23/17
Game: Doom

Our first Maine Special!!!!!

PUREGAMING Fathers Day Celebration of Testosterone with Hyper Masculine FFXV

Air date: 06/18/17
Game: Father’s Day FFIV

A blessed celebration of dads worldwide with an exploration of Japanese masculinity.

PUREGAMING Thursday Fantasy Japanese Exploration

Air date: 6/15/17
Game: FFIV

Good clean FF fun.

PUREGAMING Life is Pure edition yoooooooo

Air date: 06/13/17
Game: Life is Pure (Life is Strange)

This was a boatload of a good time. Should I finish the game finally? I like to finish games years later.


Air date: 06/11/17
Game: Prey (old one)

Wow remember the first PC time?

PUREGAMING Super Sunday Boostio Time

Air date: 06/07/17
Game:  Boostio Rocket League

More good ass times.

PUREGAMING Super Sunday Service Sniper Sensuality LIVE

Air date: 06/07/17
Game: Boostio Rocket League

More good ass times.

Puregaming Super Sunday Service Special Sniper Mode

Air date: 06/04/17
Game: Sniper Elite 33

More total action sniper times. Prolly more 3 hour tutes.

PUREGAMING Sniper Elite rich classic 3 hour tutorial

Air date: 06/01/17
Game: Sniper Elite 3

God remember this round? HAHAHH 3 hour+ tutorials, man this was some of the most fun I’ve ever had.

PUREGAMING Bloodbath Rathbone begins now

Air date: 05/30/17
Game: Bloodborne

More fireside chats with my bims and bats.

Hell to Play Sunday Rested Day The 7th Special Dad Daughter Heart to Heart

Air date: 05/28/17
Game: The Last of Us

PUREGAMING Nathan Change 4 the end

Air date: 05/25/17
Game: The End of Nathan Change 4

Finally completed our first adventure together, as a family.

PUREGAMING Drake the Sneke

Air date: 05/24/17
Game: Drake 4

The most times.

Sunday Holy Treasure Charls

Air date: 05/21/17
Game: Treasure 4

The Ultimate First Sunday we had. Holy pure times for sure.

PUREGAMING Boostio yaaaaaaaaaaass PCgamz coming soon real SOON

Air date: 5/20/17
Game: Boost League

Classical PS4 streamer shanty stream enjoyment. The beginning of so much more fun.

PUREGAMING Treature Edition

Air date: 05/20/17
Game: Treasure 4

I love these times. I love you all. I really really love these times.

PUREGAMING lazy drakes uncharted treasure

Air date: 05/20/17
Game: Lazy Drake’s Treasure 4

PS4 stream days. The best machine all stream fun built right in.


Air date: 05/14/17
Game: Drake’s Charted Unrearted 4

Remember this blessed time?

PUREGAMING LIVE Boostio League 60frames Special

Air date: 05/11/17
Game: Boostio Rocket League

Much boost.

The Boostio Cup

Air date: 05/08/17
Game: Boostio Rocket League

We had plenty of good rounds.

Hell to Play Dieablo 3 its really really good game

Air date: 05/07/17
Game: Diablo 3

God it’s a rough game but we some had some of the boys come in and help me create Heaven within Hell.

Hell to Play PUREGAMING Sunday Special

Air date: 04/30/17
Game: The Last of Us

Such chatting we got into here, some wild stuff during our adventures in this killing game.

PUREGAMING more coop Bloodborne action a sweet fireside chat

Air date: 04/28/17
Game: Bloodborne

Here is our first fireside chat! Look at how far we’ve come!

PUREGAMING BF1 screwin come on in

Air date: 04/25/17
Game: Battlefield 1

Streamer shanty really excellent times.

PUREGAMING on the road ps4stile drake4 lets roll

Air date: 03/31/17
Game: Drake’s Recharted 4
On the road times before I set up in a streaming shanty.

Pure Rocket League Part 2

Air date: 02/07/17
Game: Boostio

Atlanta Living times. One of the first classics.

Pure League Part 1

Air date: 2/7/17

Game: Rocket League

Atlanta Living times Rocket League style. Do ya’ll’z remember when I was learning how to play videogames again? Lol.

Hotline Atlanta

Air date: 01/29/17

Game: Hotline Miami

I’m still banging around Atlanta Living enjoying my very first streams. Damn this was a classic times. Second stream. God it was the beginning of very mirthful times.

Play, Boy, Play LIVE grand opening HELLOOOO

Air date: 1/26/17

Game: Half-Life 2

A special day, this one. The Grand Opening of my streaming times! Remember these Atlanta Living days? There was this nice tiny market a walk down the street where I could pick up good cheese and champagne and chocolate and chocolate coconut granola. It made these times extra special.

Mobile Streams

Coffee and Buns Tutorial

Balcony Times

Air date: 12/13/2018

Post Internet Phone Stream WILD

Air date: 10/29/2018

Hotel Halloween Maine Mud

Air date: 10/21/2017

Narragansett Water and Rocks and Such Sights & Purity

Air date: 08/03/18

Boston Beer Fest

Air date: 04/28/18


Air date: 04/10/18


Air date: 04/10/18


Air date: 04/10/18

Extreme Beer Fest

Air date: 02/04/18

Extreme Beer Fest Intro

Air date: 02/04/18

Car Cigarr

Air date: 02/16/18

Cigario Car Quick

Air date: 02/16/18

Internet Out Quickchat

Air date: 02/19/18

Purity That’s All LA Arrival

Air date: 12/20/18

Incredible Los Angeles Intimate Pasta Dinner with Charls

Air date: 12/20/18

LA Halfway House Sunset BLVD Charls Cigarwalk

Air date: 12/20/18

LA Halfway House Intimate Dinner & Cigars

Air date: 12/20/18

LA Halfway House Intimate Dinner & Drinks Intro

Air date: 12/20/18


Mr. Pregnant

Directed and Edited by Extreme Master Andy Ruse

Basement . Living

Edited by Andy Ruse

Sound by James Price

A Day in Koreatown with Charles

Edited by Andy Ruse

100% Taxes

Directed & Edited by Andy Ruse

Derek King


Mike Wiley

Noah Orisich

Atlanta . Living

Edited by Andy Ruse

Outdoor . Living

Edited by Andy Ruse

The Orville S01E03 About A Girl Adventure+Review

Directed & Edited by Andy Ruse

Black Country

Black Country Enjoy Early Trailer

Get High or Die

Doctor Manslave

The Curse of Pirate Cove